Some may be surprised to see a page about adoption mediation. This is likely because mediation in the adoption arena is relatively new compared to mediation in the divorce and family law arena. Nonetheless, adoption mediation is quite useful, and the frequency of its use is increasing.

Most Utah adoptions now are “open,” which means there is some type of ongoing contact between the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the adopted child. Conflict can arise in open adoptions when ground rules regarding communication and visitation are not clearly discussed and agreed to before adoption finalization. These conflicts create stress for all involved, and can harm the adopted child by damaging the child’s relationship with the birth parents. Mediation can help alleviate these conflicts by helping families come to mutually beneficial decisions regarding post finalization communication and interaction.

Adoption mediation can also be used for the following purposes, among others:

  • Decide how much medical and psychological information birth parents will share with adoptive parents, both before and after adoption finalization
  • Address concerns of family members who might be pressuring birth parents to not go through with adoption
  • Avoid litigation if an adoption becomes contested

In the end, mediation is an integral tool in facilitating healthy, low-conflict adoptions that benefits all parties. And because adoption mediation is confidential, families can discuss matters freely and come to agreements without involving a judge in open court.

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