Moving With Your Child After Divorce

Moving on after divorce is healthy and necessary. Sometimes, moving on means moving to a new city or state. What happens when one person moves after a divorce, and kids and parent-time are involved?

Hopefully, your divorce decree planned for this contingency (it should), and you can simply follow your decree. Sometimes, however, decrees contain nothing regarding relocation. And sometimes, you don’t believe what’s written in the decree regarding relocation is right under your present circumstances.

Why You Need Legal Representation

At Brown Law LLC, we will guide you through your relocation case or opposition to a relocation request. Our attorneys have experience helping parents in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas with child custody issues.

We know this is a serious issue in your life. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge to handle your case with the attention it deserves.

State Law Dictates Move-Away Requests

If your divorce decree does not mention relocation, you will have to follow state requirements regarding move aways. Parents who move more than 150 miles away must notify the noncustodial parent of their intent to move at least 60 days before moving.

Utah law requires the moving parent to pay for visitation travel expenses for approximately 5/6 of the yearly total. If the non-moving parent has been found in contempt for nonpayment of child support the moving parent is not required to pay any travel expenses.

Objecting To The Relocation

If you feel relocation is not in your child’s best interests or the relocation provisions in your divorce decree are wrong, you can file a hearing to have the court review parent-time and relocation issues.

It is important to be prepared for this hearing. We have experience representing clients in these hearings and proving why relocation is not in your child’s best interests or why your parent-time should be changed.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

We have experience representing parents on both sides of these cases. We understand the emotions involved and what steps to take to protect you in these proceedings. Our experienced Utah family law team will sit down with you and discuss relocation and parent-time. We will always give you an honest assessment regarding the strength of your case.

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