▶️ Some days, I, like many of our clients, struggle with focus and motivation. It can be pretty debilitating.

On those days, I forget my purpose and kind of stumble through things 🧟. This is hard to admit (I pride myself on discipline and moving forward so I can always help more people), but it’s true 💯💯.

So, the question  for me isn’t whether I’ll struggle, but how will I overcome the struggle?

This may sound silly, but one thing that helps me is watching short, inspirational videos 📹 that get me pumped 🏋️‍♂️.

And Steve Harvey is great for this. I’ve never watched any of Steve’s shows 📺, but his motivational videos on YouTube are amazing.

This one about the time Steve was homeless and about to give up on comedy 🎭 and his dream of being on TV is my favorite: https://youtu.be/LngxdiwFpno

What are you go-to inspirational videos?