Why Flat Rate Fees Work Better

Kristen’s going through a tough divorce.

Right now, she’s feeling afraid and anxious, and she has a knot in her stomach.

Why does Kristen feel like this? Is she about to step in to court for a particularly nasty hearing? Is she about to start mediation?

No, none of that. Instead, Kristen’s about to open the monthly bill from her divorce attorney.

Every month Kristen receives this bill, and every month Kristen feels afraid and anxious. She doesn’t know if her bill will be $300 or $3000.

When it’s $300, there’s an overwhelming sense of relief that it wasn’t more.

When it’s closer to $3000, Kristen’s anxiety goes through the roof. She panics and says to herself: “What?! How could it be so much for just one month? I can’t pay this bill. There’s not enough money on the credit card. But if I don’t pay soon, my attorney’ll drop my case. What can I do?”

How Most Divorce Attorneys Bill: by the Hour

Most divorces (about 96%) are billed by the hour.

What that means is every minute an attorney spends on a case is billed. Two-sentence email. Billed. Three-minute phone call. Billed. Five minutes on the phone scheduling mediation. Billed.

When an attorney bills by the hour and you ask how much your case will cost, you’ll hear him say something like, “Well, it depends.” Then he’ll proceed to explain why he can’t give you a straight answer: e.g., “Your ex might be crazy,” or “The other attorney might be really difficult to work with,” or “We just don’t know how long your case will take.”

Then the attorney will ask you to pay a few thousand dollars upfront, and then give him your credit card number so he can bill you for the rest, whatever that turns out to be.

By-the-hour billing is great for attorneys. But it’s not so great for people going through divorce, like Kristen.

A Better Way: Flat Rate Fees

In contrast to by-the-hour billing, we have developed flat rate fees for our divorce clients.

Flat rates work kind of like a menu at a restaurant. You pick what you want, and you know how much you’ll pay for it, right upfront.

Your flat rate fees cover all communications, all phone calls, all in-person meetings with your attorney, document preparation, court time, etc. No matter how much time all of that takes.

There’s no guessing about cost, no two-sentence emails you get billed twelve minutes for, no monthly bills via email that make your hands sweat and your heart race.

Flat Rate Fees: Example

Let me give you a concrete example of how our flat fees work in a common divorce case.

Let’s say Kristen, instead of being billed by the hour, comes in to our office and chooses flat rate fees. Her husband’s already filed divorce papers with the court, so we need to file documents with the court and share required information about finances, kids, the house, etc. We also need to ask some specific written questions of Kristen’s husband about a few things we really want to know.

For this stage of things, Kristen pays one flat fee. It covers everything I just talked about, no matter how long it takes us.

After we’ve file documents and Kristen’s husband has answered all our questions, Kristen’s ready to move on to mediation.

She pays one flat fee for mediation, which covers all preparation work, strategy sessions, phone calls and emails with her attorney, the mediation itself (no matter how long it lasts), and all the paperwork to finish the case if mediation is successful.

That’s it. Two payments. Kristen knew the costs upfront, paid them, and that was that.

Why We Offer Flat Rate Fees

Like I said before, 96% of attorneys bill divorces by the hour. Why don’t we go along with them?

Honestly, because we’ve helped more Kristens than I can count.

We’ve seen the fear on their face when we tell them, “I don’t know how much your divorce will cost. It depends.” We’ve talked with them on the phone after they’ve opened their email and realized they can’t pay their bill because their ex is a huge jerk who keeps dragging things on. We’ve had them not share important information with us because they were afraid to call and talk to us because they’d be billed for the call.

I knew there had to be a better way for our people. One that decreased risk to our clients and lowered their anxiety. One that was clear and transparent. One that encouraged communication between clients and attorneys, instead of discouraging it. And one that empowered clients, instead of keeping them in the dark.

So, I created that better way. That’s why we offer flat fees.

How To Get Started

To get started, call our office at 801-685-9999 or fill out the form below.

We’ll schedule your Roadmap and Recover Session. During your Session, we’ll talk about you, your family, and your goals. We’ll also discuss our proven success system, including our flat rate fees.

Greg Chiti
Greg Chiti
03:07 10 Aug 20
I am very pleased with the end result regarding my recent experience with the Brown Law LLC! Brown Law LLC, my Attorney Thomas A. Gunter and Office Manager/Paralegal, Jodi Jex were very Professional and Results Oriented! Brown Law, LLC has a very good system regarding the request of pertinent Documents throughout the Legal Process. My Attorney Thomas A. Gunter was proactive and utilized big-picture foresight that he had gained from his past Practical Experience. Jodi Jex always responded promptly and provided clear direction regarding information needed along with upcoming deadlines. Both Thomas and Jodi had excellent people skills. The Firm's Fee charged for the Value Provided was extremely reasonable!read more
Casey Billings
Casey Billings
04:18 15 Jul 20
I had a very pleasant initial consultation with Marco Brown.. Right off the bat I got the impression that he has the best interest of the kid/kids in mind and what is best for them (if there are kids involved). Straight to the point and very knowledgeable! Looking forward to Marco representing me in the near future.
Jessica Klingenberg
Jessica Klingenberg
01:33 08 Jul 20