The Law Entrepreneur Podcast

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Had a great discussion with Neil Tyra, host of "The Law Entrepreneur Podcast" about helping attorneys get paid. Love this subject. So much needless suffering among lawyers that keeps them from really serving their clients well. Click here for interview.

Immigration/Divorce Training

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Today, we attended a training about immigration and Utah divorce law. It was super helpful to learn about how immigration can affect our non-citizen clients. Big issue is how domestic violence incidents and protective orders may affect immigration status. Hint: if you're not a citizen and your spouse files for a protective order against you, fight [...]

What Should I Wear to Court?

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I remember the first time I ever showed up to court without a tie. I left my tie in my house, and I didn’t have one in my car. (I usually keep a spare tie in my office and the glove box of may car.) I was running just one time, so I had no choice [...]

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Teddy x2

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I'd be remiss if I didn't note that today as Teddy Roosevelt's birthday (1858). 🎂 TR was one of the greatest Americans 🇺🇸 who ever lived. His life reads like a comic book. Legislator. Hunter. Ranchman in the Dakotas. Husband. Police Commissioner. War hero. Civil service reformer. Governor. President. Author. Speaker. Explorer. Father. Conservationist. The breadth of TR's intellect, [...]

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Early Halloween

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#Halloween 🎃 came a little early for us this year. We went to a trunk or treat 🍬 with family to do a little dry run for Teddy and Elliot's costumes. When you have a kid named Elliot, ET seems like a natural choice. And when you have a 13-month-old who will wear anything you put on him, you're good [...]

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National Paralegal Day

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🎉 It's national #paralegalday. 🎉 Jodi Jex is the glue that keeps our office together. She's the one who keeps us going where we need to go, keeps us on track, and looks after our clients. Every Wednesday she texts 📱 every client to see how they're doing and answer their questions. She knows every court clerk and every mediation office. [...]

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My Husband Threatened to Stop Paying Bills if I File for Divorce; Can he Do that?

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There’s almost nothing scarier than being without money. You can’t pay the mortgage. You can’t feed the kids. You can’t do anything. Controlling husbands know this, and they’ll use that fear to control their wives. Usually, it happens like this: wife tells husband she wants a divorce; husband threatens her, saying if she leaves or files [...]

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The Dark Days of Starting a Law Firm

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The idea of starting a law firm from scratch has a certain romantic quality to it. The process of entrepreneurship and starting from nothing has been idealized in movies and books. Of course, it’s been idealized by those who succeeded and made it. Not many losers write books about losing. Hence, we’re left with a skewed [...]

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Favorite Pastries in Salt Lake

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Nothing beats a good breakfast on Saturday morning. And nothing beats a good pastry, especially when that pastry is pumpkin 🎃 bread 🍞 pudding 🍮 or a kouign amann. Les Madeleines has the best pastries and sweets in #SaltLake. The kouign amann, my favorite, is not much more than sugar, flour, and butter. Incredible taste, though. Teddy and I were there just yesterday buying [...]

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Behind the Scenes at Brown Law: Staff Meeting

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At Brown Law, we do everything as a team. This approach allows us to give our clients a better legal product than each of us working alone. One of the most important things we do as a team is to meet every Friday. We call it staff meeting, and we talk through our cases, strategize with [...]

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