2021: Day 4

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Traveled all day on a jet plane. Finally home. Demaree (I call her Dem) informed me this is the last trip until after she has the baby, which is fine since that’s early March. Back at it tomorrow with five consults. January is always a busy time for us as divorce attorneys. Who knows with how [...]

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2021: Day 3

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It’s Sunday. I try very hard not to work on Sunday given my religious beliefs. That said, we are on vacation, so we did touristy things the last day before going home. Also, had a wonderful dinner at Magnolias on King Street. Love me some Southern food. Tris year, Sunday will be a day of rest [...]

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2021: Day 2

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Day two of this exercise and it’s already an auspicious start. My family and I are in Charleston, South Carolina for Christmas. Been here for almost two weeks now. We were going to Crete for Christmas, but, you know, 2020 happened. So, we decided to experience a place in America we’ve never been. It’s been good. [...]

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2021: Day 1

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It’s January 1, 2021. 2020 is done, and it’s time to look forward. We have some big goals this year, and to reach them we will need to do things differently. Anyone reading this blog already knows I am divorce attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. I started this law firm, Brown Law, in 2010, with [...]

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Podcast Appearance

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Recently, I was on the Profit with Law podcast with Moshe Amsel. It was a great discussion about my personal journey with debt, and how my wife and I got our from under the mountains we had. Hope you take something from the discussion. https://www.profitwithlaw.com/blog/Paying-Off-450000-of-Debt-and-Catapulting-Financial-Success

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Child Protective Service and the Cops: Don’t Talk to Either

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Get If Utah Child Protective Services or the Utah Division of Child and Family Services comes to your door to ask you questions, you have a problem. My advice is this: Don't talk to them without an attorney present. So, tell them you'd be happy to speak with them, but you'll need to schedule a time [...]

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Tip for Law Students and Young Attorneys

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Here's a tip for law students and young attorneys looking for a law firm job. When you give a potential employer your resume, attach a one-page marketing plan that is specifically tailored to that potential employer. The marketing plan is what you will do to make that employer money, i.e., how you'll significantly increase firm revenues. [...]

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Divorce Attorneys and Jargon/Legalese

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Turns out attorneys who use jargon/legalese are often doing so because they're insecure. Using legalese is more about the attorney trying to sound smart than about communicating clearly with clients or the court. So, here's a hint for those looking to hire a divorce attorney: If the attorney uses legalese and you can't understand what the [...]

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Appearance on ABC4 about Increased Divorce Rates During COVID

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https://www.abc4.com/gtu/are-divorce-rates-up-due-to-the-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR1UMwobDcNhPgpOk4fKUGUQ15w_MCZZWXFepi6643jnGDB7rQoR_sWFc9E Call Brown Law If you find yourself facing a Utah divorce or paternity situation, please call 801.685.9999 for an in-person consultation, or use our online scheduling tool.

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Can You Rephrase the Question, Please?

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You're in a deposition, or at trial, and the attorney asks you a question. Problem is you don't know what the attorney's actually asking. Look, it happens. It happens a lot. Attorneys should be very good at asking questions because that's our job, but, often, we're not. Attorney questions can be long-winded and complex and hard [...]

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