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2 Best Things You Can Do To Get 50/50 Custody in Utah

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In divorce, people spend more time and money fighting about kids than anything else. And for good reason: kids are the most important thing in a parent’s life. They are the reason we work so hard. Kids are our “why.” 50/50 Custody In Utah, 50/50 custody is becoming more popular all the time. It’s the idea [...]

How Does the new Tax Legislation Change Utah Alimony?

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In late 2017, President Trump recently signed a new tax legislation. It is, perhaps, the largest change in the tax system in a generation. Some of the tax changes will directly affect Utahans who divorce and pay alimony. Let’s focus what is most likely the most substantial change: doing away with the tax deduction for those [...]

Utah Legal Separation and Utah Divorce: How Do they Compare?

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Everyone knows what a Utah divorce is. Divorce ends a marriage. After a divorce, you’ve split everything, and you’re done as a couple. Not everyone knows what a Utah legal separation is. A legal separation doesn’t end a marriage. Think of it as something that puts a marriage on hold temporarily. A legal separation deals with [...]

What Is an Uncontested Utah Divorce?

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Lawyers throw around legal terms and expect people to know what they mean. “Uncontested Utah divorce” is one of those terms. So, what is an uncontested divorce? It’s a divorce where everyone agrees on everything. That’s it. If you agree on what to do with the kids, the assets, the home, the cars, the debts, etc, [...]

My Ex Won’t Pick Up her Stuff from the House; What Should I Do?

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Lots of weird things happen in Utah divorces. One of the stranger things is when people fight for personal property (i.e., clothes, TVs, furniture, beds, etc.) and then never come pick it up. It happens more often than you would think. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s lack of time, maybe someone simply [...]

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