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Getting Paid Commandment #8

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We have reached the end, folks. Today is the last commandment to help you get paid 100% for the work you do. Until today, you’ve worked hard, really hard, to serve your clients well. You work nights. You work weekends when you have to. You miss activities with your wife and kids. You don’t really have [...]

Getting Paid Commandment #7

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When you get up in the morning dreading your job, there is one case, one client, that comes to your mind before all others. That client is the person you think about when you go to bed at night worrying about work. That client’s face pops in to your mind during weekends with your family and [...]

Getting Paid Commandment #6

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We’ve covered a lot of ground so far. You’ve learned to: (1) change your mindset about getting paid, (2) bill regularly (at least once per month), (3) not chase money, (4) always have money in trust, and (5) to stop work if your client doesn’t pay or doesn’t have money in trust. These five commandments will [...]

Getting Paid Commandment #5

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Yesterday, with commandment #4, we discussed the importance of always having money in trust. Today, we’ll talk about how to ensure that money stays in trust. (Note: if you missed commandments 1–3, read here, here, and here.) Today’s commandment takes discipline, consistency, and commitment, and it may seem scary at first, but it is vital to [...]

Getting Paid Commandment #4

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Yesterday, I gave you the most difficult commandment to help you get paid for 100% for the work you do as an attorney. If you don’t remember, it was: don’t chase money. Today’s commandment is a follow-up to commandment #3, and it will help you immensely in your quest to not chase money and to get [...]

Getting Paid Commandment #3

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Alright, we’re up to commandment #3 for getting paid 100% of the work you do as an attorney. Quick recap. commandment #1: change your mindset about money; commandment #2: bill regularly (at least once per month). Now, let me tell you, commandment #3 is probably the most difficult getting paid commandment there is. Commandment #1 is [...]