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Favorite Pastries in Salt Lake

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Nothing beats a good breakfast on Saturday morning. And nothing beats a good pastry, especially when that pastry is pumpkin 🎃 bread 🍞 pudding 🍮 or a kouign amann. Les Madeleines has the best pastries and sweets in #SaltLake. The kouign amann, my favorite, is not much more than sugar, flour, and butter. Incredible taste, though. Teddy and I were there just yesterday buying [...]

#1 Lesson for Law Students

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Law students, I’m going to share with you the #1 reality of lawyering no law professor will ever teach. Let me start by relating something that happened to me yesterday. I was talking with an attorney. We’ve had cases against each other off and on over the years. Knowing I don’t work the day-to-day on cases [...]

How Do People Pay for Utah Divorce Attorneys?

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You’re calling divorce attorneys, trying to get a feel for who you’ll hire. You’re nervous on the phone. Your heart races a little when the front-desk person picks up. One of the reasons you’re nervous is cost. Lawyers cost a lot. Of course, you know hiring one is worth the money since you have kids and [...]

Book Review: “Friend of a Friend”

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I finished "Friend of a Friend" by David Burkus a few days ago. It's a look at human connections, how they happen, why they happen, and how to make them happen. It's more of a scientific research based take than networking books, but the conclusion and prescriptions tend to be the same as those types of [...]

How Long Does a Utah Divorce Take Start to Finish?

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No one likes going through a divorce. It’s stressful, it’s expensive, it’s emotionally draining. From the get go, people want to be done with divorce ASAP. Which is why they always ask: how long does a Utah divorce take start to finish? Now, not all divorces are created equal. Depending on what’s done during a divorce, [...]

Adoption and Southern Food Heritage Day

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About 12 years ago, Dem and I became parents. After dealing with infertility for years, we went through changed gears from artificial insemination, etc. and adopted our son, Elliot. The adoption process was a roller coaster. Elliot's placement was high-risk. We were there at Elliot's birth (Dem was in the room when Elliot was born, but [...]

Divorce and Mental Health

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It's World Mental Health Day. We have worked with every conceivable mental health issue imaginable in our divorces: psychopathy, bipolar, depression, narcissism, histrionic, addiction, etc. Out of all those disorders, addiction is the hardest for clients to deal with. Addiction, whether it's addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, gaming, pornography, tears at a family's core. If [...]

Utah’s Crazy Laws

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Utah, like all states, has crazy laws. 🤪 Here are a few of my favorites: 1. You can't fish with a crossbow 🏹, unless you're fishing for carp. 2. In Provo, Utah, it's illegal to throw snowballs ❄️. (I almost got fined for this my freshman year at BYU.) 3. Pharmacists may not sell gunpowder in the treatment of [...]