Law students, I’m going to share with you the #1 reality of lawyering no law professor will ever teach.

Let me start by relating something that happened to me yesterday.

I was talking with an attorney. We’ve had cases against each other off and on over the years.

Knowing I don’t work the day-to-day on cases anymore, she asked: “How do you make money when you don’t go to court anymore?”

I said: “Because I make it rain.”

She asked: “What do you mean?”

I replied: “I bring in and close clients, and the attorneys take care of them and help them in court.”

There’s a lesson about reality in there, and it’s this: lawyers don’t work for lawyers; lawyers work for rainmakers and closers.

That’s right, once you graduate from law school, you think you’ll start working for a law firm.

That’s completely wrong.

Instead, you will work for the very few attorneys within a firm that can bring in clients and close them.

If there are no rainmakers in your firm, you won’t help any clients, and no one in the firm will make money.

As I see it, you have two options coming out of law school if you want to be a really successful lawyer:

  1. Attach yourself to a rainmaker.
  2. Become a rainmaker.

If you attach yourself to a rainmaker, you’ll always be an employee. Maybe that’s okay for you, and, if it is, great.

Conversely, if you become the rainmaker and closer, you will lead others. And leaders make more money and affect more people.

Which option will you choose?

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