About 12 years ago, Dem and I became parents. After dealing with infertility for years, we went through changed gears from artificial insemination, etc. and adopted our son, Elliot. The adoption process was a roller coaster.

Elliot’s placement was high-risk. We were there at Elliot’s birth (Dem was in the room when Elliot was born, but the birth-mom didn’t want me in there, so I waited outside). After he was born, we held him, fed him, bonded with him, and gave him a name (a name we came up with on the spot since we didn’t want to get too attached to anything since the placement was high-risk).

And then, 14 hours later, the birth-mom changed her mind and decided to keep Elliot. We were devastated (I cried, a lot, like sobbing crying). Can’t blame her, though. I probably would have done the same.

We drove back to Nebraska where we were living at the time. Worst drive of my life. I don’t think we said 5 words to each other we were so emotionally spent.

That was Sunday. We went back to work on Monday, trying to deal with the pain. I’ve never felt more like a zombie.

On Wednesday, I got an email from our social worker explaining the birth-mom changed her mind (again) and asking us if we still wanted Elliot.

Of course we did.

And he’s been our boy ever since.

(Note: this post started because it’s Southern Food Heritage Day. Elliot’s birth family comes from the South, so I thought about the food from whence he came. Then, it kind of morphed in to retelling Elliot’s adoption story. Anyway, I have to have something about Southern food, so the food photo beneath is a meal I ate at Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta. Amazing stuff.)


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