I read a lot (on track to read 125 this year), and when I finish a book, I always write a synopsis and post it on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Because I appreciate it when people take the time to give me book recommendations, so I’m trying to return the favor.

The other day, I realized I don’t put my synopses on this blog. Not sure why that is since I sometimes write about things that are totally not law related. So, here goes the first synopsis.

On this morning’s hike, I polished off “Justice on Trial,” by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino. It’s about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

I followed Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation from beginning to end, and didn’t think I’d learn that much from a book on the subject. Yeah, I was wrong. What happened to Kavanaugh was terrible (honestly, when the dust settled, there was very little there), but it was worse than we knew while going through the process. Especially awful was the campaign to get Leland Keyser to change her story and back Ford’s account. Keyser was threatened with a perjury charge if she didn’t change her story, but she wouldn’t. And the madness didn’t stop after Kavanaugh’s confirmation. One journalist intimated the only reason Kavanaugh coaches girls basketball is so he can see little girls scantily clad and up close.

The crazy thing is this isn’t the worst it will get. If Trump wins reelection, there’s very little chance Ginsburg will make it through Trump’s second term (she has not been well for a while). He will replace Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett or Diane Sykes or Andy Oldham (or someone similar to them). That will represent a major ideological change on the court. Whoever is nominated, no matter the gender, will be subjected to vitriol and allegations that will make Kavanaugh’s confirmation look like a day at Disneyland eating churros and riding Splash Mountain.

Welcome to the new hell we have created.

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