When people search on the internet for divorce and family law attorneys, they often type in something like “best ogden divorce attorney” or “best ogden family law attorney.”

The results that pop up on Google usually pop up because a page on a website contains the words “best” “ogden” “divorce” and “attorney” in close proximity.

So, you’re not really getting an assessment of who is the best attorney at all. What you’re getting is an attorney who wrote the phrase “best ogden divorce attorney” on his or her webpage.

So, how do you determine who is the best divorce or family law attorney in Ogden?

The answer to this question is pretty personal and depends on some different factors.

Let me address a few as I see them.


1. Fit.

What I mean by fit is how you and your attorney get along.

You can have the most brilliant divorce attorney in the world (and there are some amazingly brilliant attorneys), but if you can’t stand to be in the same room with him or she, all that brilliance won’t get you good results.

Find someone you get along with and with whom you feel comfortable working.

2. Exclusive focus on your area of need — divorce.

If you have an intellectual property issue, don’t hire a divorce attorney. Likewise, if you have a family law issue, don’t hire someone who does ten family law cases per year.

If you hire a part-time divorce attorney, you’ll get part-time results.

Find a full-time divorce attorney.

3. Online reviews.

Online reviews are helpful (but not sufficient) in choosing an attorney.

If you approach them correctly, they can help guide you to attorneys who provide good customer service. And good customer service is not the norm among attorneys, unfortunately. (For help evaluating online reviews, read here.)

4. Reputation with colleagues and the courts.

If an attorney is disliked by his or her colleagues and the courts, then you’ll have an uphill climb in your case.

It will be harder to negotiate, and the courts are less likely to accept arguments from an attorney with a bad reputation.

5. Price.

Price is always a consideration. If an attorney charges more than you could possibly afford, then it won’t do you much good to hire that attorney.

This said, hiring an attorney who way undercharges for legal services is an indication that attorney is wildly inexperienced.

In the end, realize legal services are an investment in your future and your family’s future. Plan accordingly, and find a good attorney who will charge fairly.

And find one that offers flat fees for divorce. So much better than paying for every individual second an attorney thinks about your case.

6. Feel.

Feel is a bit like fit. You have to feel comfortable with your attorney.

You have to feel that your attorney is knowledgeable and will represent you with respect in and out of the courtroom.

So, Who Is the Best Ogden Divorce Attorney?

Considering all of this, who is the best Ogden divorce attorney?

The answer is: it depends on you.

It depends on your situation and who you feel you fit with best. Google can’t make this decision for you. You have to do the research and make the determination for you.

There are no shortcuts in hiring a good divorce attorney.

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