Surf the net and lose your trust funds? Cybercrime and law firms-Ian Hu
Law firms are appealing targets for fraud because we have large sums of money and not much security. Denial of service. Deadly sins of cybercrime: greed, trust, fear, ignorance, curiosity, anger
Greed is pretty self-explanatory (if it’s money and to good to be true, it is)
Trust: hackers will do lots of analysis on you and pose as an employee emailing another employee, then attach an email with a virus (.pdfs can contain viruses)
Fear: “Your account has been hacked. Click here to fix things.” Never click. No real company does this.
Curiosity: “Hey, check out this video (with a link)” Don’t click the link at work and put your info at risk
Laziness: don’t use common passwords,,
Anger: Lots of data breaches happen because of fired employees allowed data to be breached or stealing info
Hacked client email: will hack account, read emails, will wait until deal closes, will send email telling you to send money to new account, which is the hacker’s account
Rule of thumb: if you are sending money to a client, call the client and confirm the address. If you do this, you will never have a problem.
Ransomeware: Virus will encrypt all your documents, paying doesn’t mean they’ll decrypt, they’ll ask for $5000-$10,000, restore from back up files (not real-time), you need to restore from your previous day backups,
Don visit unknown websites, don’t use file sharing sites, don’t do pop-ups, don’t download unsecured software
Think about getting a cheap laptop specifically for banking, use it for nothing else
Get a firewall on your site type name of a suspicious emailer and see if they’ve encountered the name before
Josh Kubicki: the importance of the client journey
Design thinking: methodology to put yourself in your client’s shoes and looking at how they interact with your firm
Companies that think about design tend to have higher revenues.
Milkshake: wanted to sell milkshakes, noticed lots of milkshakes sold before 9.30 a.m., did field research and found professionals ordered them, asked buyers who said they bought milkshakes because it was an easy breakfast to eat in the car; restaurants changed milkshake design based on these findings (smaller straws to make it last longer)
Job statement: Our [product or service] help(s) [customer] who want(s) to [job to be done] by [GAIN verb (e.g., increasing, enabling)] and [PAIN verb (e.g, reducing, avoiding)]
Nicholas Hite: Leveraging niche practice dynamics to grow your firms
Niche doesn’t mean narrow. If you niche, you need to know your population and the challenges they face. Have a plan to grow your business in your particular niche. Stay on the leading edge in you niche. Learn the universe in which your clients find themselves.
Put the “reach” in outreach. Look for those who do the things in your niche. Then find out what those people do and reach out to them where they are.
It will always take a village to succeed and stay ahead. If “no” now, ask again later.
Preet Bharara
So, so boring. Best take-away was to repeat appreciation, as well as those things you want to teach to another, constantly. Political blah, blah, blah.
Jack Newton
Recap of the conference, will be in New Orleans next year

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