Clio’s 2017 Cloud Conference is in New Orleans this year. Here are my notes from day 1 of the conference.

As with most notes, they’re pretty idionsyncratic, which means they’re taken in the form that jogs my memory. Hopefully, they’re discernible in some way to others.

Jack Newton
Talks about general stuff regarding Clio. Nothing major so far. Clio’s opened a few offices (including on in Dublin) in the last two years. Tool allowing attorney to put in geo data to see if your billable rate is competitive. “Devastating funnel.” New mission for Clio is to find more clients or be more productive during the work day. Where is the missing six hour going? 33% in business development, 48% spent on admin tasks. Responsiveness is what consumers are looking for (minutes, not hours). Flywheel effect. Apollo. Restructuring Clio. Shows new slides. 5x faster than previous version. Getting paid is reworked, which is nice. Bulk billing, approve and apply trust for multiple cases. Sync with Outlook for email, nothing for gmail, though. Project Hermes (text and comm with clients right in Clio).
FFwd Mindset (David X)
Talks about his marathon experience. Lack of confidence and lack of focus are D’s reasons for not obtaining his goals. Breaking through walls: fearless and focused. Lions nip fear in the bud. NIP: Not alone, I will get through it, Play the part. “I am not alone in XXX. I will get through it by playing the part of XXX.” Fearless sentences. WAke: What is your 26.1 (top three things you wish you were more fearless about, and the top three things you need to focus on); plan needs dates and KPIs; Agree to a training plan, Keep your commitments
An insider’s guide to winning with Google
96% of people use a search engine when seeking divorce advice, 38% use the internet to find an attorney, 62% of law related searches are unbranded, people spend 5.4 hours researching before they hire an attorney, they search about 10 different search before making a decision (more for lawyers), five rules: 1. Be present whenever and wherever someone is searching for you (show up), 2. Be relevant when you show up, 3. Have a great landing page, 4. Brand on YT, 5. Measure success
Chat bots
Messaging apps have surpassed social networks, informational bot (use for updates and news developments), task bot (booking appointments). Where does your bot live? Depends on where your clients live (Facebook messenger is the most likely for divorce clients). Tools to build a chatbot?, chatfuel, manychat. Hard way., watson, amazon lex. Can use for client interviews, scheduling appointments, etc. Divorce FAQ bot might be interesting.
Kevin O’Keefe (content marketing)
No to content marketing, what we’re doing is building relationships and building your name, the end goal is to build relationships that builds your name, look at what people do in other states and replicate, everything we’re talking about it social, give love, when you give love to people, they’ll recognize you and build relationships with you, build your networking room (influencers, clients, prospects), focus on influencers (bloggers, association heads), feedly (check it out, it’s a new aggregator), (ask Brian to buy book and give it a five-star review), strategic blogging, shows some passion for the subject matter (not just dry crap), create a publication, best way to market a blog is to talk about others on the blog, blogging FAQs (length doesn’t matter), get on a schedule for your blogging, social media, get engaged on the platforms, there’s no competition if you do the things described, no one actually does this stuff.

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