Warning: this post has nothing to do with law. Of course, the beauty of writing a blog, even a legal blog, is you get to write about whatever you want.

I’m no workout guru, but I recently found out something interesting about my relationship between weight and exercise.

I ask myself often, “What would this system look like if it were easy.” Asking myself that in the workout realm, I’ve decided to only do exercises I actually enjoy, because that vastly increases the chance I will actually do them on a consistent basis.

I like walking/hiking and lifting weights, and I like walking more than lifting weights.

On the eating front, I follow a low carb/no refined carb, high protein, high vegetable eating regimen.

I do not follow this on vacation, however. I eat total crap on vacation, and I eat a lot of it. Desserts all over the place. Carbs galore. It’s magical.

I also take my weight every day to keep on track.

Recently, I noticed I don’t gain weight on vacation. Not one pound. I wondered why since I throw every healthy eating rule out the window on vacation.

To answer this question, I went back and looked at my weight data and my workout/steps data. I keep these data sets on apps in my iPhone, which makes tracking them super simple.

After looking at the data, turns out I don’t gain weight on vacation because I take between 16,000 and 20,000 step per day on vacation. With my stride, that’s about 7 to 9 miles per day. At home I take maybe 9000 per day.

So, by adding a simple 3-3.5 mile walk every morning, I can get to 16,000, which will take off weight if I follow my normal eating routine, or allow me to eat like a cow and not gain any weight.

Just goes to show that we make things way too complicated when it comes to working out. Simple stuff done every day makes the biggest difference.

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