Finding a good Utah divorce and family law attorney is difficult. If you don’t already have an attorney you trust, then you have to find one.

Usually, people search for attorneys by talking to friends who have used an attorney. They ask about their experience and if they would recommend that attorney.

This type of finding is called word-of-mouth, and it’s actually how most people find everything from attorneys to plumbers to doctors. And it works because we trust the person we’re asking.

In the internet age, there is a new form of word-of-mouth: online reviews. Online reviews act in the place of our friend, but only to the extent that there are enough reviews to make us feel confident in them.

See, if a business only has one positive review we don’t trust it because we don’t know the reviewer. If there are fifty positive reviews, though, then we assume by sheer numbers that we can trust the reviewers.

So, how should you evaluate online reviews concerning Utah family law and divorce attorneys? Specifically, how can you know if they’re accurate?

Things to Consider About Reviews

Here are a few things to consider and look for:

  1. Put more trust in reviews where the reviewer posted his/her name.

It’s easy to write false crap if you don’t attach your name, but it’s much harder to make stuff up (either good or bad) if tell everyone who you are.

  1. Be wary if reviews are 100% positive.

We’d all love to please everyone all the time, but it doesn’t happen like that in any business involving humans. If all reviews are positive, it might mean a business is cherry-picking only those with good experiences.

  1. Don’t disregard a business because of a bad review.

Again, no business can please everyone all the time, so don’t expect perfection in online reviews.

  1. Use reviews as a first step.

One really important aspect of choosing an attorney is fit. As in, how well do you and the attorney get along. Reviews can tell you an attorney gets along (or doesn’t) with others, but they can’t tell you if you will get along with that attorney. So, use reviews as a first step, then meet with the attorney as see if you fit.

Do Your Homework Before You Hire

Keep in mind: reviews are just one part of the decision-making process.

Personal fit, legal knowledge, customer service, focus on divorce and family law. These all should factor in to your decision. Once you have brought all of these factors together, you will be able to make a good decision regarding whom to hire.

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