This post is all about how to blog better – i.e., how to be a gooder blogger.

Blogging is difficult. Blogging consistently and well is really difficult.

To blog well, you have to think of blogging as a skill. And the more you engage in any skill the better you tend to become. This bring me to the first of a few rules about being a gooder blogger.

Rule 1: Blog often

If you blog often, you’ll naturally become more adept at it. To blog more often it helps to set a goal for yourself and stick to that goal. Whether it’s once a week or once per day doesn’t really matter. What matters is you have a consistent goal.

A consistent goal turns your mind toward blogging. When you’re working toward your goal, you’ll find yourself thinking of new blogging ideas. Topics, phrases, layouts. Your mind mulls over all of these things, and you end up incorporating those ideas in your blogging.

Rule 2: Write down blog post ideas

When you get ideas for blog posts, write them down. If you don’t, you’ll lose them in the cacophony that is your day.

I have a list on my computer with blog post ideas. Whenever I think of a new one, I type it in. There is no rhyme or reason to the list, and that’s fine. When I want to write, I review the list and decide which topic to write about.

(Sometimes, I look at any idea a day or two later and think, “Yeah, no,” and I delete it. It’s all part of the process.)

Rule 3: Keep posts short

When you blog, you’re not writing the Great American Novel. Keep blog posts short and concise. Fight the urge to add everything you know about a subject.

(This last sentence might be particularly difficult for attorneys. Everything is nuance to an attorney, and that’s great in legal briefs, but this is blogging. Different media call for different styles.)

I find between 350-500 words is a good length.

Rule 4: Write shorter paragraphs

People skim when they read on the internet. Shorter paragraphs help people skim faster and retain more information.

Rule 5: Use headers and lists

This goes along with the skimming thing. Headers and lists allow people to find and read the most pertinent information quickly.

And don’t make lists too long. Three items in a list is ideal if possible. If you have to leave something out of the list, that’s okay. Put it in another blog post later.

Rule 6: Have fun with it

Blogging can be fun. It’s a chance to let people know who you are and to develop your personal style, so let yourself shine through.

And blog about what interests you, not your boss. If you only blog about boring crap for your boss, you’ll hate it and you won’t do it.

Now, go forth and be a gooder blogger.

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