It’s a lot harder to get divorced than it is to get married.

Getting married is cake. You go to church, get hitched, and your on your merry way. (I know, I know, it’s never that simple. You have to plan the wedding and the reception and the like. But still, if you’re going minimalist, it’s pretty easy.)

By contrast, when you divorce, you have divide all the assets and debts, figure out how to handle custody and parent-time, sell the home, find new places to live, change schools, and on and on.

And, to make things ever more complicated, you may have to take a class to get divorced in Utah.

Yep, if you have kids (single people are exempted), then you will need to take two classes. (If you don’t, the Court willnot finalize your divorce.)

The first is a divorce orientation class. The second is a divorce education class.

These classes are usually taught at the same time, so you can fulfill the requirement in one sitting. I believe both total between two and three hours.

The classes cost, but not much. If you take the classes within the first month of filing your Utah divorce, the cost is $15. If you take it after the thirty days, the price increases, but it’s still around $50.

What if I don’t live in Utah?

If you don’t live in Utah, you still have to take the classes. There is an option in which you can order a DVD and complete the courses that way. It takes longer, but it works.

Utah also offers the divorce orientation course online, but does not offer the divorce education class online (not sure why).

Where do I go to take the classes, and when are they offered?

In Salt Lake, most people go the Matheson Courthouse (450 S State St) to take the courses. They have courses in English and Spanish at Matheson.

Outside of Salt Lake there are a number of locations where the courses are offered.

Where can I find more information about these divorce classes?

The best place to go for more information is the Utah Courts webpage. Here’s a link.

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