There are two primary ways people deal with divorce.

The first is by being self-destructive. (Think: drinking too much, abandoning family and friends.)

The second is by making the conscious decision to better oneself.

Let’s face it, the first is appealing (life sort of sucks during divorce) and easier, but the second is far more satisfying.

I wrote previously about taking control of your life by adjusting your morning routine. Another popular way to take control is by exercising.

Why exercise?

I know, it seems sort of silly to suggest working through divorce with exercise, but it makes a lot of sense.

Exercise is what’s called a foundational habit. That means it’s a habit from which many other good habits and behaviors flow. When you exercise, you’re more likely to do other healthy and productive things: eat well, sleep better, drink more water, lose weight, etc.

In addition to all those good things above, exercising every day will provide you with a sense of control you might well be lacking at this point in your life. By controlling this one thing, it will give you an anchor and allow you to make other necessary changes in your life.

Now, you don’t need to exercise everyday (although that really is ideal), but at least every other day. If you exercise less than that, you’ll likely not get in the habit and you won’t exercise very often.

Suggestions for exercises

Anything from walking to Crossfit is good enough exercise. If you’re a group person, find a workout group or go walking with friends. Whatever motivates you to stick with it is what you should do.

If you’re a solitary worker-outer (like I am), then walking or running is ideal. You also have a number of workout videos on Youtube to choose from.

And don’t worry about finding the best or most efficient workout routine. Whatever routine you stick with is the best routine for you.

Take control

Take control of your life in divorce. If you don’t, your divorce will take control of your life.

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