Being an attorney is, more than anything else, about connecting with people.

This might be a counterintuitive statement. Lawyers usually think lawyering is really about knowing more law than everyone else, or writing better than others.

That might be true if law were purely a profession, but it’s not. Law is a profession and a business, and a service business at that. Service businesses are built on connection and trust.

You might think you can simply compete on price and forget personal connection. Unless your name is Sam Walton, this idea is a recipe for disaster. Nothing trumps connection.

If this last statement is true, the question becomes: how can I really connect with potential clients?

There are, undoubtedly, many good answers to this question. Perhaps the best is this: tell your clients’ stories. Or, better, yet, let them tell their stories.

Potential clients want to know you have previously solved their problems for someone like them. There is no better way to prove you have done this than having a former client tell a future client you solved their problems and did it exceptionally well.

Good: written testimonials

Written testimonials are great for this. You should have many written testimonials on your website (and they should cycle, so every time someone click to a new page a new testimonial pops up).

Better: video testimonials

Even better are video testimonials. Let’s face it, most people watch videos on the internet; they don’t read (or at least not for very long). If you can put together high-quality one to two minute videos of former clients extolling your virtues and telling how you solved their problems and helped them in their lives, people will lap them up.

The beauty is these videos aren’t you telling potential clients how great you are; they are real people explaining in detail how you solved their problems — the same problems your potential clients have.

Have a good bank of these videos. You’ll want many so, as clients navigate your website, new videos cycle through. If you only have one video, it may seem like a good experience with you was anomalous. If you have ten videos with diverse clients, it will seem like you deliver great experiences on a regular basis.

Best: video testimonials from your perfect clients

Make sure to choose your video testimonial clients well. Since these videos will attract potential clients like the clients in the videos, try to pick your perfect clients. These are the clients you loved working with, and the ones you want to work with every day. Attracting the perfect clients will make your work so much easier and fulfilling.

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