Today, I and a few friends attended Dave Ramsey’s entreleadership one-day event in Salt Lake. Great time. Learned a lot, mostly about business, but also about leadership and how to better serve clients.

I would (and do) recommend Dave Ramsey to anyone. His teachings on debt reduction and leadership are top notch and easily accessible.

Unfortunately, I can’t get my notes to synch on this blog platform (may have to talk to the tech guys about that). In any case, I wanted to hit a few quick highlights from my notes.

First, hiring is super important if you want to create a great company and great culture. Warm bodies will not do. You have to hire for fit and passion. If you feel like you have to make it work with someone, then it won’t work. Commit to finding and hiring A players, and only A players.

Take your current hiring process and multiply the process by 4. So, if you interview people once, begin interviewing them 4 times. Also, interview their spouse at the end of the process to make sure he or she isn’t nutso bonkers. Nothing spells trouble at work like trouble at home

Second, no debt. Debt increases risk and magnifies mistakes. People belive businesses need debt to survive, but they don’t. Take it easy and move at the speed of cash.

Third, work life balance is a choice. Identify what matters most to you and act like that stuff actually matters. This means you have to block out work to focus on your family, community, faith, etc. If you don’t do this, you’ll be constantly frustrated at work because you will resent it.

So, there it is. There’s so much more than what I just wrote, but it would take hours to recreate everything. If you haven’t read Dave’s books, start now. Start getting out of debt. Start improving yourself as a leader. Your business and your family will be glad you did.

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