Perhaps the Holy Grail of subpoenaed records are medical insurance provider records.

Sometimes, you simply don’t know all of the therapists and medical providers your ex sees. Thankfully, insurance almost always knows, and has lots of the records.

You don’t want to rely on insurance records alone because they almost never have all the records you want from individual providers, but they are a great general resource.

Medical Insurance Records Request

So, with further ado, here is the Utah divorce subpoena sample request for insurance records:

“All records, documents, medical files, insurance claim files, accident reports, workers’ compensation files, vocational rehabilitation files, PIP log sheets, correspondences (including correspondences with third-parties regarding below-named person), call/communication logs, notes regarding communications, evaluations, doctors’ and nurses’ notes, physical therapy notes and records, psychological therapy or psychologists’ notes, psychiatrists’ notes, raw test data, charts, test and lab results, diagnostic studies, diagnostic films, medical and psychological diagnoses, drug treatment records, psychiatric treatment records, itemized bills, itemized payment information, explanations of benefits, monthly statements, payment histories, pharmacy records, videos, call recordings and transcripts, private investigation files, and all other records you may have in your possession regarding XXXX, born XXXX XX, XXXX, Social Security Number XXXX.”

(Note: be sure to serve your subpoena on the correct person/department at the insurance company. Easiest way to figure out who/what that is: call the insurance company and tell them you need to send them a records subpoena. They’re actually pretty helpful with stuff like that.)

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