I blog. I a lot. In fact, I try to blog every day.


There are a few reasons, actually.

First, I enjoy it. I have always liked to write about things I find interesting (lately that’s been law and food), so I make time to write.

Second, writing helps me think through my clients’ situations and questions and answer them in a better, clearer way. Lawyering is about answering questions almost more than anything else. Writing about those questions helps me organize my thoughts and communicate better with both clients and those who need that particular question answered.

Third, it’s relaxing. Divorce attorneys deal with a good amount of stress. We are there for our clients during a pretty rough time in their lives, and we feel their pain and stress. Writing is a nice way to step back from everything and create some calm.

Fourth, it’s rewarding. Lawyers get paid for two things: (1) time and (2) expertise. We often get too caught up in billing for every moment we spend and every question we answer. Sometimes, it’s nice to simply help people by answering their questions. No strings attached. No expectations. Just help.

Fifth, it’s a chance to let people know what attorneys do. A lot of research shows people don’t know what attorneys do, and they certainly don’t know how attorneys do what they do. This problem is on us as attorneys. We don’t do a good job showing people what we do, in major part because we are scared that if people know what we do and how we do it, they won’t need us anymore (i.e., they won’t hire us). I like it when our clients know what we do. I think it enhances collaboration and gets our people better results. A blog is a great and easily digestible way to pull back the curtain and explain what we do.

Sixth, it gives me the opportunity to show my personality. Anyone who has ever read a legal documents knows how stilted and boring it is. Legal pleadings are supposed to be about the law and only the law, and this means there’s not much personality to them. A blog is different. A blog gives me the chance to talk about legal stuff in the way I’ve always wanted to talk about legal stuff: like a normal person. If I think a law is dumb, I get to call a spade a spade in my blog. If I think something is funny, or I want to be sarcastic, I can be funny or sarcastic, or both — and not be scared about being held in contempt.

Seventh, it makes me a better attorney. Writing makes me think, and writing about divorce law makes me think constantly about what I do. As I write, I’ve received a lot of ideas about how to streamline things and how to improve our system so our clients receive better legal services.

This is why I blog.

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