I get up early. 5 a.m. to be precise.

Part of my early morning ritual is a walk. I walk the same route every morning. It’s 3.45 miles and take me around 45-50 minutes.

I try to walk every morning no matter the weather.

This morning, it was cold, windy, and raining. When the weather sucks like it did this morning, the population of early morning walkers dips dramatically. This morning, it was pretty much just me out there plugging away.

You learn things when you walk, especially early in the morning. Since I’m a divorce attorney, I learn things about divorce (I think about my job a lot; it’s a problem, actually).

I learned two specific things on my walk this morning.

First, Mike Rowe is hilarious. I listened to his interview on the Tim Ferris Podcast while I was walking and had to stop walking three times because I laughed so hard. (Click here if you want to listen to the interview. You will not be disappointed.)

Second, you get through divorce the same way I get through these morning walks in crappy weather. What I mean is you have to make a decision to walk, and then walk. And you have to keep walking through the crappy weather until you reach the end.

Divorce is rough. There’s really no way around it. There are certainly ways to get through the process in a healthier way (e.g., stay close to family, stay active in your religions faith, find a good therapist, hire a good attorney), but you will never come out the other side unscathed. You simply have to decide to walk through whatever comes.

So, there you go. That’s what I learned on my morning walk.

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