Don’t want to keep your husband’s last name when you get divorced?

You’re in luck because Utah allows you to change your name in the divorce papers as part of your divorce.

The Process

The process for changing your name in divorce is very simple. Tell your attorney what name you would like, and he or she will put it in your Divorce Complaint.

The language we use goes something like this: “[Petitioner’s Name/Respondent’s Name] should be restored to the use of her former name of [Petitioner’s Name/Respondent’s Name], if she so chooses.”

Keep in mind, this clause allows you to change your name. There are some steps after divorce to actually get your new name.

For example, you’ll need to take your Divorce Decree and present it to the Social Security Department and the Utah Vital Records Department to actually change your name with the federal and state governments. Anymore, this is a pretty seamless process.

Do I Have to Change my Name to my Maiden Name?

Every so often, our clients want to change their name to something completely new.

This usually happens because they didn’t particularly care for their maiden name, or they had been contemplating changing their first name for quite some time.

If this describes you, again, you’re in luck. Utah allows you to change your name to whatever you want (provided the name doesn’t violate the law, which it never does).

So, if your married name is Sarah Panagiotopoulos, and your maiden name is Sarah Menshikov, and you want to be Sarah Smith, go right ahead.

Does it Cost Extra to Change my Name During Divorce?

It doesn’t cost extra to change your name during your divorce.

(Note: if you hire an attorney, name changes done on their own usually cost around $750-$1000.)

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