Many Utah couples may already know that divorce can be an emotional battle as well as financial one. There has been much talk about women recovering from divorce, but we often tend to forget or ignore that divorce can affect men as well. Sometimes, it can be harder to deal with than many men are willing to admit. When property division negotiations begin, this may be the first time that many men acknowledge that the marriage has failed.

The problem that most men have after a divorce is losing their sense of being. Some no longer feel like the “head-of-household” or “the bread winner” for the family, as they did during the marriage. When a couple gets divorced, everyone loses something. For many, it may be companionship, for others their children and others may feel detached with no sense of belonging.

Divorce is not just splitting up the a family. It is deeper than that. It means splitting up all that the couple has accumulated, whether that is a large family, a house, a business or whatever else the couple built together. For men to lose the role of provider and have everything divided, some tend to think that they are the one that failed. When a couple divorces, separating into two households is typically unavoidable and can cause feelings to be hurt.

For this reason, it may be in everyone’s best interest to do whatever is possible to make the process of property division go smoothly. Getting through the process quickly can help both parties move forward with their lives, knowing that the marriage ended on a positive note with the parties working together to come to an amicable divorce settlement. However, as many Utah couples are already aware, the divorce process may not always be as smooth as a couple would prefer. In those instances, the courts are available to help the parties resolve their issues.

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