You can expect to have many contentious moments as your divorce moves forward. While you hope to avoid any serious trouble, asset distribution typically brings out the worst in people.

It doesn’t matter what types of assets are being distributed or how much they are worth, you need to be concerned about getting what is rightfully yours. The goal of the court is to ensure that property is equally divided between the two parties. While most people believe this is a 50-50 split, this is not the way things always work out.

Marital property is any property acquired by the couple during the marriage. This is different than separate property, which is anything brought into the marriage by either party.

Marital property will be distributed equally, while separate property will revert back to the person who brought it into the relationship. Some of the many assets that come into question include the family home, cars, bank accounts, retirement accounts, household furnishings, and vacation homes.

There is nothing easy about the divorce process. When you add in matters of asset distribution, things can get tricky in no time at all.

Our attorneys don’t want you to feel like you are being taken advantage of. We are here to explain your rights, talk to you about how asset distribution works, and make sure that you are happy with the way things turn out.

If you have any questions or concerns, if you need assistance with divorce, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or online. We are always available to help people during this challenging time.

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