Choosing a mediator is one of the most important decisions you will make in your Utah divorce.

Because of this, we as a team, spend a good amount of time deciding on a mediator. We take a wide-open approach and consider lots of factors, like:

  1. Which mediator will mesh with our client’s personality.

If personalities clash during mediation, we are less likely to get a good outcome.

  1. Do we need a mediator with particular strengths to help in the negotiations.

Mediators have strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes we need a mediator with a particular strength-set. For example, if a divorce is all about numbers, we will choose a mediator more geared toward systematically crunching numbers. If a divorce is all about custody, we will want a mediator more geared toward addressing emotional needs and thinking creatively about parent-time schedules.

  1. Mediator’s willingness to be creative.

One of the primary reasons you use a mediator is to help come up with creative solutions to complex problems. The more creative solutions you can get in mediation, the more likely mediation will be successful.

  1. Cost.

We try to always pick the best mediator for a particular case, regardless of the cost. While a mediator might cost more, if that mediator is right for the case and will get the job done, then we will save months of time and stress and thousands of dollars. Sometimes, however, cost is a limiting factor, so we will choose the best mediator at the price our client can afford.

After considering these factors, and many others, and coming to a consensus as a team, we decide which mediator will best serve our client and work on scheduling that mediator.

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