The outcome of your divorce has a direct impact on your life. Your life affects the way your children live. This makes the outcome of the divorce settlement crucially important. You must fully understand divorce mediation before you head in for the first session. Consider these tips to help you prepare.

#1: Know the points that pertain to your case

The best thing you can do before your first session is to find out what points your divorce agreement must address. Each divorce case is different. Typically, you need to divide assets and debts. You need to determine if spousal support is appropriate. The settlement must address child support and child custody if your children are still minors. As you go through each of these mediation points, find out what laws pertain to your case. You can use this information as you negotiate with your ex.

#2: Make lists as a guideline

Make lists of what points you plan to stick to your guns about and those that you will negotiate on. Remember that negotiations are part of mediation. This means you can’t have everything your way unless your ex agrees to what you want. The lists you make prior to the session serve as a guide during the process. You can refer to these lists instead of flying by the seat of your pants. As your ex makes an offer or counteroffer, check your list to see what you can go back with.

#3: Stay calm during the session

Your ex might try to work your nerves during the mediation session. Don’t let him. Staying calm means that you aren’t giving him any power over you during the process. It also makes it easier to stay on task and try to get the issues resolved. You can always take a few minutes to yourself or even end the session if you need. Just remember that these tactics might delay the end of the divorce.

#4: Think about the future

It is all too easy to think about how a settlement offer will affect you right now and forget about the future. Think about how a specific offer will impact your future. You will have to count on only your income, so you probably don’t want assets that have a high upkeep cost. You need to be sure you have what you need to care for your children, so don’t be afraid to bypass settlements that won’t allow you to do this.

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