Sometimes when a couple is facing a divorce, the process can come to a standstill. Whether it is over financial items or child custody, divorce mediation can be a helpful tool used to motivate couples to continue moving forward with the process. Utah couples going through a divorce could be interested in a recent article that discussed the many ways in which divorce mediation can be useful.

The article discusses how mediation is not only helpful during the divorce process itself, but can be useful years after should the couple find themselves disagreeing again. Mediation can be particularly useful in cases in which the couple has children. Custody arrangements can be difficult to agree upon and having a neutral third party that puts the children’s best interest ahead of any tension that might be between the parents can prove beneficial for all parties involved.

Even after the divorce is final, mediation can be helpful should the parents want to modify the custody agreement, but not be able to on their own terms. Court systems are typically in favor of two parties trying to mediate before returning to court. At times, mediation is actually court ordered by the judge.

Any Utah resident that is facing a divorce could benefit from having an understanding of the applicable state laws. Knowing all options available during the process including divorce mediation could prove helpful when trying for a positive outcome. By having as much information as possible about the procedures and options, a person can be hopeful to make the process as easy as possible.

Source: Huffington Post, Using Mediation to Keep Your Cool During Divorce and Beyond, Silvana D. Raso, Aug. 27, 2013

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