Utah residents may have heard that the economy is on the mend. This upswing in the country’s financial situation is affecting nearly everything like ripples in a pond. For instance, couples seeking divorce mediation could be on the rise as the divorce rate rises with the health of the economy.

It may be difficult to think that the ebb and flow of the economy and the divorce rate could have anything in common. However, a recent population research study has shown that there could be a definite relationship between the divorce rate and the state of the economy. Research shows that when times are good, the divorce rate increases, and the opposite is true when the economy is bad.

According to the study, couples who would otherwise divorce in a good economy may have decided to stay together during the recession until the economy began to recover for the simple fact that divorce costs money. Couples simply could not afford to divorce for a variety of reasons, the least of which being a financial inability to set up two separate households. Paying the bills does not present as big a challenge financially as a couple. However, the thought of paying these costs individually may seem impossible, at least until the parties’ financial situation improves.

In some instances, staying together helped the couple work things out so that divorce was no longer an issue. Numerous Utah couples, however, may still believe divorce is the best option for them. Enduring the struggle presented by the recession may have given many couples the ability to work together for a common good despite their differences. In these cases, divorce mediation could help end the marriage with a minimum of fuss. The parties could come to a mutually satisfying divorce settlement during the mediation process, which often provides a more pleasant experience as the parties move toward their individual futures.

Source: deseretnews.com, As the economy bounces back, so do divorce rates, Sam Clemence, Feb. 6, 2014

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