Many Utah residents are likely aware of the fact that the divorce rate is significantly increasing. This is especially true among older individuals who may or may not choose to use divorce mediation throughout the process. In fact, almost half of all marriage will dissolve and end in a divorce. The chances that a couple will get divorced is even higher when it comes to second and third marriages.

The primary reason that it seems that older individuals are getting divorced is because they are more financially secure in their older age. Not to mention the fact that some couples try to make things work so that their children do not have to grow up in a broken home. Unfortunately, this can cause more chaos for some couples, it could be wise not to delay a divorce when both members of a couple are ready.

Another reason that couples delay the end of their marriage is due to health insurance. However, with health insurance a bit easier to obtain with the Affordable Care Act, this could change in the near future. Couples often stay together through the holidays, which is one reason why the beginning of the year is heavily packed with divorces across the country.

Some Utah couples may try to make their marriage work before calling it quits. Other couples may simply want to get the cat out of the bag. Regardless of whether a couple puts off their divorce until a later time, it is important that both parties discuss the right time to file for divorce and to begin divorce mediation. Not only is it important to understand that it takes time for the divorce to happen, the timing of getting the divorce can make all the difference in the world in terms of how each party can move on with their lives and start fresh.

Source: MarketWatch, “When’s the worst time to get a divorce?“, Quentin Fottrell, May 22, 2014

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