Divorce mediation has become an increasingly popular method of resolving differences and crafting compromises in Utah couples who decide to divorce. Especially where children are involved, mediated divorce confers the advantages of a neutral third party who can step in with suggestions and a safe space in which all parties can make their desires and wishes known without the confrontational overtones commonly associated with divorce.

Mediated divorce agreements allow both parents and children to resolve difficult decisions such as child custody and visitation arrangements, spousal support and equitable division of marital assets. In a traditional divorce, children often feel like they have little to no say in the parents’ decisions, even though those decisions may have just as great an impact on kids as the spouses themselves. Mediation offers all members of the family a chance to make their perspectives and needs heard.

When preparing for mediation, willingness to listen to all points of view offered and compromise within the mediation framework is essential to success. Mediation is for resolving differences that will facilitate a harmonious divorce, so it is crucial to focus on creating the future that is best for everyone concerned, not past hurts or the inevitable emotional repercussions. Listening to the mediator’s advice as a neutral party may help speed the process.

Many divorce attorneys are also trained mediators. A mediator can explain how the mediation process works and what the client should do to be ready for it. An attorney can also provide a list of mediators or suggest one with whom the attorney is on sound working terms. Once the parties have reached an agreement, the attorney can present the agreement to the judge for entry as part of the dissolution of marriage order.

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