For many Utah couples who are facing divorce, mediation is extremely beneficial. Not only do couples usually spend less on their divorce while being more in control of how their property or assets are divided, mediation often allows couples to come to an agreement without major conflict.

What makes mediation work so well in many situations is that couples have the opportunity to speak open and freely about their issues with a neutral third party. Mediators are there to listen while asking insightful questions regarding a party’s situation. In fact, many people who are going through a divorce just need someone who is willing to listen to them while making them feel more confident. Mediators can also provide the validation that a person may be looking for, especially in cases where one of the parties may feel like their feelings or concerns do not matter.

Because mediation takes place with both spouses present, there are a couple of things that each of them should know. First, the mediator is not taking sides with either spouse, even though they will listen to the other person’s concerns. Second, the mediator may ask each party to clarify their thoughts so that a better line of communication can be drawn between spouses. Finally, if both spouses can listen to each other, there is a much better chance that the mediation will work.

While some Utah couples are able to agree to an uncontested divorce, others may not be able to come to an agreement regarding one or more issues even after mediation. If divorce mediation still does not work, a family law attorney might help the spouse negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement that will contain provisions relating to any unresolved matters including property division, alimony and, where applicable, child support and custody.

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