Most Utah parents may agree that surviving a divorce with your wits still intact can be a miracle in itself. The real test of one’s fortitude is surviving a divorce with children and remaining amicable. The real trick is making the time any non-custodial parent has in a child custody agreement good quality time.

The marriage or relationship has ended but the feelings of being torn apart from the children can be hard to bear. The question becomes how to spend as much time as possible with the kids without crossing the line by interfering with the custodial parent’s time or becoming just a weekend parent. It is a fine line, but the children are worth it. Ways to keep close and make a difference in a child’s life can be easier than one may think.

The simple tasks may seem trivial but may make all the difference to your child. For instance, helping with the daily morning rituals like making lunches or driving them to school may not seem like much, but it shows the children they are loved. Making a lunch date or helping with their homework or even picking them up from school can mean so much to a child. This shows the children that parents can put their needs first and not use them an opportunity to argue or plead their position. It could also alleviate some of the stress for the other parent.

The first step in trying to stay in the child’s life is to be there. Utah parents know how difficult it may be to put aside the emotions that come from a divorce to work together when negotiating a child custody agreement. The parties have the opportunity to establish time for each parent to do the little things that could make a difference as the children grow.

Source: Huffington Post, How Far Is Too Far When Seeking Time With Kids Post-Divorce?, Colleen Logan, PHD, Nov. 8, 2013

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