There are lots of child custody attorneys in Utah. Some try to specialize in helping only men, and they spend lots of money advertising specifically to men.

We all know, however, that advertising doesn’t mean you’re actually good at what you advertise. So, the question becomes: how you do you find a good Utah child custody attorney for men?

If I were hiring an attorney and answering this question for myself, here are a few of the things I would consider.

First: Good child custody lawyers have the ability to help both men and women equally. Being a skilled attorney is about having the capacity to consider a case from all sides and fashioning the best arguments with the facts at hand. If an attorney is only able to do that effectively for one gender, then that attorney is not terribly skilled. Seeing things from only one side makes attorneys shortsighted and less effective in court. So, the best child custody attorney for men is the one who can do a good job for everyone.

Second: Advertising costs money, and that money is recouped in fees to clients. When attorneys spend lots of money advertising to one particular segment of the population (in this case, men), then their fees will probably be higher. They may recoup the costs in the hourly fees their attorneys charge, or maybe in increased fees charged for their paralegals. Some recoup it by nickel-and-diming their clients, e.g., charging for photocopies and the like.

Third: Only serving one gender means an attorney is seen a certain way by the Court. When attorneys serve only men, they tend to have a certain reputation with commissioners and judges. While commissioners and judges might respect them for their legal knowledge, these attorneys are often not considered overly persuasive because they make the same arguments for the same subset of the population day after day. After a while, that repetition can get old and stale.

In the end, the best Utah child custody attorney is the one who can effectively serve every client. The law is the law, and men and women should be treated equally under it. Likewise, attorneys should serve male and female clients equally well.

Go find the best attorney you can, whom you get along with, and whom you feel will serve you with dignity, knowledge, and respect. That is the recipe for success.

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