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Hearings Before Commissioners as an Alternative to Trial

There are times when you just don't want to go to trial. Well, unless your masochistic or a vindictive jerk, you almost never want to go to trial. Trials are difficult. They cost a lot. They cause massive amounts of stress. They put everything else in the office on hold. And, oddly, from a business standpoint, they don't bring in a lot of money. There is a reason only 2%-3% of cases go to trial.

How do I enforce a domestic order in Utah?

Life is not always like the movies, where all of the conflicts are resolved at the end of the show. This can be especially the case in matters of divorce: even if it goes all the way through court, sometimes even a judgment obligating one spouse to pay for child support does not always mean that disagreements or even resentments may still persist - which in turn can lead to ongoing problems getting your ex-spouse to fully comply with at least part of the decision.

Do you have doubts that you are the father?

Every year in Utah, many men are stuck paying child support for a child that is not their own. This is a fear for some singles and, if you truly do not believe that you are the father of a child, you should speak up and make your claim to legal authorities. If you are cooperative with the system, your name can be cleared and you will not have to pay child support.

Frozen embryos and divorce

Modern technology is drastically changing the landscape of divorce. A recent court case on the West Coast has opened up a question for couples in Utah and the rest of the country: What happens to frozen embryos if the couple divorces? Though the answer may seem obvious, other factors come into play that make this issue quite complicated.

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