Do Divorce Attorneys Profit from People's Pain?

Some people are pretty jaded when it comes to divorce and divorce attorneys. 

A few documentaries have come out recently making divorce attorneys and divorce courts look dishonest at best, corrupt at worst. These types of shows are popular and believed in part because they follow old stereotypes, namely: lawyers are shysters; and judges are lawyers in robes, so they're shysters. They're also popular because they feed off people's fear of the unknown (The vast majority of people don't ever become involved in the legal process).

Then, of course, there are shows like Better Call Saul. For those who don't know, Saul Goodman is a lawyer character first encountered in Breaking Bad. He's a total shyster who represents drug dealers and has a thing for nail salons. Now, don't get me wrong, Saul Goodman is an incredibly intriguing and funny character, but he has little to do with real life attorneys. He, like so many characters on TV, is a stereotype.

Despite what you see on TV and in documentaries, divorce attorney in general, and Utah divorce attorneys in particular, are professional and respectful. They work hard for their clients by being prepared for court and arguing well. They treat their colleagues well.

(Personal note: when I came to Utah five years ago, I didn't know anyone in the legal community because I had practiced in other states to that point. What I found was a wonderful group of colleagues always eager to help make each other better. It has been a profoundly good experience being a divorce attorney in Utah.)

All of this bring me to the question that is the title of this post: do divorce attorneys profit from people's pain?

I don't think so.

Yes, attorneys make profit (although, not nearly as much as most believe), and that is okay. If they didn't make a profit, they couldn't stay in business. And, yes, there is pain involved in divorce. Divorce attorneys don't create that pain, however. Instead, they manage it and help their clients through it so clients can move on with their lives. 

Divorce attorneys are in the business of helping families through the roughest part of their existence. Most attorneys I know do this with grace and the knowledge the service they provide is important and meaningful. Divorce attorneys also know they could make more money doing other types of law, but they stick with family law because of the good they do.

Divorce law is difficult, among the most difficult areas of law, in fact. Divorce attorneys are among the most generous and understanding types of attorneys there are. They do what they do to help people pass through a really tough time and succeed once they've passed it.

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