Personal Injury Mediation

In Utah, mediation is quite often used to settle personal injury cases (e.g., case brought because of injuries caused by car accidents or dog bites). Mediation allows the injured party to help directly control and negotiate settlement. This alleviates the risk and stress of trial, as well as the uncertainty inherent giving a decision regarding compensation and future medical care to a jury or a judge. And while personal injury cases can take years see the inside of a courtroom, mediation allows the parties to resolve these cases much more quickly. And since Utah personal injury mediation is confidential, the person responsible for the injury can apologize for their actions: something that almost never happens in litigation.

For All Your Salt Lake City Personal Injury Mediation Needs, Contact Brown Law.

Before being trained as a mediator in Utah, Attorney Marco Brown was a successful personal injury lawyer. This experience gives Attorney Brown an enhanced ability to evaluate personal injury cases and help parties negotiate mutually beneficial mediated settlements. Contact us online or call us at801.528.9697 or 800.299.1016 to schedule a Utah personal injury mediation.