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Going through a divorce can be stressful, emotionally draining, and infuriating at the same time. At Brown Law in Salt Lake City, we understand this and do everything we can to minimize as much of the stress and frustration as we can.

Our attorneys will sit down with you and listen to what happened and why. We will talk about your goals for yourself and your children, as well as how you want "life after divorce" to look. We will help you gather the necessary paperwork and documentation to show what you have contributed to your marriage, and we will work with you to successfully separate your life from that of your spouse and move on.

One Law Firm, Many Services

Along with our family law and mediation services, our lawyers assist Utah families in opening their hearts and homes to new children through adoptions.

We also help families who need to establish guardianship over a disabled or incapacitated adult loved one.

For families in which children have lost their parents, have been abandoned, or whose parents have been found unfit to care for them, we help other family members establish legal guardianship so they can make important decisions regarding the children's welfare.

We understand the sensitive nature of many of these issues and will treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve. We will help you get through this and get on with your life.

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In any divorce, but especially one involving children, litigation is not always the preferred method of resolving every issue. Our lawyers are diligent about resolving as many issues as possible before resorting to litigation.

Our firm's founder, Marco Brown, is a trained mediator. He has used that training to create a law firm in which every attorney is well versed in advocating for our clients during mediations. This is important because mediation is frequently a better option in divorce and child custody cases because it allows more control over very personal decisions than the courts may ignore if you go to trial.

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We care about helping you through your legal problems. We offer free consultations and will meet with you in a safe and confidential environment. To schedule your free consultation, call 801.528.9697 or toll free 800.656.3260, or send us an email.